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Directed by: Kevin Johnson

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Movie poster Urwis
Original title: Trouble
Runtime: 87 min.
Production: Kanada/USA/Kajmany , 2019
Category: animation / comedy / family
Release Date: 3 January 2020
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Kevin Johnson
Cast: Snoop Dogg, Jason Mraz, Big Sean

A story full of adventures and barking humor about a dog from the upper classes, which must learn to live among the usual street Burkas and Azores.

One true friend is worth more than the whole sausage of the world!

A hit soundtrack with a new song by Snoop Dogg himself!

Urchin since the puppy lived in luxury, taught that at one bark he has at his disposal servants, bowls full of hot dogs and scratching behind the ear. Unfortunately, his beloved lady after a long and happy life moves to eternity, and her heirs do not like quadrupeds. From day to day, the spoiled Urwis couch loses the roof over his head and the only close person. Alone in a wild, danger-filled world, he must learn the rules prevailing there: whom to grow in and who to die for, which garbage bin to look for tasty morsels, and most importantly - how to find a real friend. I must admit that he does not make his task easier because he treats everyone around him with superiority and reluctance. So he will face a difficult school of life until he understands that instead of showing his fangs it is better to reach out to others. Fortunately, on his way he will meet a beginner singer who admittedly has a small but big heart. This duo will be a real hit!

Average rate: 5.0
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