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  1. Jak zostałem gangstere...
  2. Psy 3. W imię zasad
  3. Mayday
  4. Corpus Christi
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  7. Dolce Fine Giornata
  8. Mulholland Drive
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Latest movie cinema premieres

17 January 2020

Charlie's Angels
Directed by: Elizabeth Banks
Cast: Naomi Scott, Sam Claflin, Elizabeth Banks
Category: action / adventure / comedy

Or is it so that each new generation has its "Charlie's Angels"? Work is ongoing on the set of a new film version of the iconic series from the seventies. This time Elizabeth Banks, the actress known... more

The Wind
Directed by: Emma Tammi
Cast: Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles, Ashley Zukerman
Category: horror / western

Recent years have been full of horror films that use folklore in the service of horror - a few years ago, she was effectively frightened by the Witch of Robert Eggers, and in theaters you could recently... more

Directed by: Stephen Gaghan
Cast: Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Rami Malek
Category: adventure / comedy / family / fantasy

Robert Downey Jr. takes on one of the most famous figures in world literature in the adventurous new film version of the story of a man who can talk to animals. Here is Dr. Dolittle.

After losing his... more

Directed by: Jay Roach
Cast: Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman
Category: biography / drama

The Oscar-winning screenwriter of "The Big Short" returns with another real and shocking story.

Three great stars: Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie, in the roles of women who oppose... more

Psy 3. W imię zasad
Directed by: Władysław Pasikowski
Cast: Bogusław Linda, Cezary Pazura, Marcin Dorociński
Category: action / crime / drama

After 25 years in prison, Franz Maurer gets out of prison and enters a new Poland in which nothing is what he remembered. Who and what is waiting for a man who has done nothing for the last quarter... more

10 January 2020

L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona
Directed by: Anca Damian
Cast: Lizzie Brocheré, Bruno Salomone, Thierry Hancisse

The little bitch Marona goes into the hands of more and more new carers. The world of people, however, can be complicated, sometimes too much for a small dog who does not want anything but a man who... more

Directed by: Sam Akina
Cast: Piotr Adamczyk, Anna Dereszowska, Weronika Książkiewicz, Adam Woronowicz
Category: comedy / romance

One man, two wives and hundreds of troubles that no "mayday" or "S.O.S" will help! One of the best comedies in the world has been screened. "Mayday" is the movie of the hit director "Planeta Singli 2"... more

Bamse och dunderklockan
Directed by: Christian Ryltenius
Cast: Morgan Alling, Tomas Bolme, Peter Haber

Here comes another adventure of the brave Bear and his friends!

This time Bamsi ran out of magical honey, thanks to which he could be the strongest animal in the village. So his friends set off on a... more

Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs
Directed by: Sung Ho Hong
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Sam Claflin, Gina Gershon

A completely surprising, unpredictable and charming new version of the favorite fairy tale of all generations about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Get ready for a perverse adventure with a great... more

Spies in Disguise
Directed by: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
Cast: Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rachel Brosnahan

Superagent Lance Sterling and scientist Walter Beckett are almost exact opposites. Lance is confident, elegant and polite. Walter, however, is not very informative, but makes up for it with cunning and... more

It Must Be Heaven
Directed by: Elia Suleiman
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Ali Suliman, Kwasi Songui

"There must be heaven somewhere" is the return of Palestinian director Elia Suleiman after ten years of artistic silence. Called by many the heirs of Buster Keaton or Jacques Tati, he created an... more

3 January 2020

Le daim
Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Cast: Jean Dujardin, Adele Haenel, Albert Delpy
Category: comedy / horror

One of the biggest hits of the Fifteen Directors section at the last IFF in Cannes. The heroine of the black comedy Quentin Dupieux is ... a jacket with fringes. She becomes the fetish of a certain... more

Jak zostałem gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa
Directed by: Maciej Kawulski
Cast: Marcin Kowalczyk
Category: crime / drama


Directed by: Rupert Goold
Cast: Renee Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock
Category: biography / drama / romance

Judy Garland, a wonderful child of the stage and the big screen, a girl who won the hearts of the world audience thanks to her innocent beauty, unusual voice and special charisma. Along with great... more

Directed by: Tom Hooper
Cast: Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden
Category: comedy / drama / family / fantasy / musical

Oscar® winner Tom Hooper ("Les Misérables. The Wretches", "Girl in Portrait", "How to become a King") presents the breathtaking film version of the iconic musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In the film we... more

The Peanut Butter Falcon
Directed by: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz
Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson, Zack Gottsagen
Category: adventure / comedy / drama / sport


The Grudge
Directed by: Nicolas Pesce
Cast: Betty Gilpin, Andrea Riseborough, William Sadler
Category: horror / mystery

Producent Sam Raimi przedstawia nową odsłonę kultowego horroru. more

Directed by: Kevin Johnson
Cast: Snoop Dogg, Jason Mraz, Big Sean
Category: animation / comedy / family

A story full of adventures and barking humor about a dog from the upper classes, which must learn to live among the usual street Burkas and Azores.

One true friend is worth more than the whole sausage... more

Wszystko dla mojej matki
Directed by: Małgorzata Imielska
Cast: Zofia Domalik, Maria Sobocińska, Helena Englert, Joanna Budnik
Category: drama


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