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Satan's Slaves

Pengabdi Setan
Directed by: Joko Anwar

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Movie poster Słudzy diabła
Original title: Pengabdi Setan
Runtime: 107 min.
Production: Indonezja/Korea Płd , 2017
Category: drama / horror / mystery
Release Date: 16 February 2018
Distribution: Mayfly

Directed by: Joko Anwar
Cast: Bront Palarae, Tara Basro, Endy Arfian

Rini and her parents and three younger brothers are forced to sell their home and live with their grandmother to pay for the costly treatment of the mother. An unknown illness that a woman falls into absorbs the remnants of family savings. When the patient dies, Rini's father undertakes to work, leaving the children alone at home. Soon the house begins to be visited by a ghostly apparition that looks deceptively like a recently dead woman. Also comes out of the hidden for years the fact of the dark pact contained in the past, the consequences of which now reach the household members. To protect the family from danger, Rini and her brothers must unravel the mystery of the past.

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Average rate: 1.0
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