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Zabawa zabawa

Directed by: Kinga Dębska

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Movie poster Zabawa zabawa
Original title: Zabawa zabawa
Runtime: 88 min.
Production: Polska , 2018
Category: drama
Release Date: 4 January 2019
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Kinga Dębska
Cast: Agata Kulesza, Maria Dębska, Dorota Kolak, Marcin Dorociński

The latest work by the creators of the hit My Daughters of the Cow - an image that combined commercial and artistic success, winning the most important awards of the Gdynia Film Festival (Audience Award, Journalists Award and Cinema and Local Cinemas Network Award) and attracting over 700,000 cinemas to theaters. viewers! This time the director - Kinga Dębska - decided to face a problem that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, views, social or material status. "Fun Fun" is three interweaving stories of women in different phases of addiction, told in the characteristic style of Debski, who - as few people - can reach the hearts of viewers by creating "therapeutizing cinema" - full of emotions, thrills and full-blooded heroes. Moving and funny at the same time. The main roles in the film were: Agata Kulesza, Dorota Kolak and Maria Dębska. The screen is accompanied by, among others: Marcin Dorociński, Mirosław Baka, Przemysław Bluszcz, Jowita Budnik, Marian Dziędziel and Tomasz Sapryk. The director's script was written together with Mike Dunin, the most famous Polish blogger writing about women's drinking. It has been perfectly documented and made credible by conversations with many women struggling with addiction. The premiere of the film is scheduled for 2018.

40-year-old prosecutor Dorothy (Agata Kulesza) drinks to - "she says -" do not go crazy. By covering himself with immunity, he conceals all offenses committed under influence. Her husband, a well-known politician (Marcin Dorociński) helps her effectively. The student Magda (Maria Dębska) likes to party hard, but she's a great student and has a great job, so nobody makes her out of this remorse. For a respected surgeon - Teresa (Dorota Kolak), every excuse is good to have a drink. Alcohol does not refuse even at work, in a children's hospital, of which he is the head. Soon, in the life of each woman there will be events, after which their problem will get stronger. Will the heroine, supported by her family and friends, manage to defeat him in time?

Pictures for the movie "Fun Play" were shot in Warsaw and in Płock. The film's operator is Andrzej Wojciechowski, who collaborated with Kinga Dębska on her previous films: "My daughters of the cow" and "Plan B". Monika Sudół ("Pitbull" - series, "Na sam similarna") is responsible for the set design, for costumes awarded many times at the Gdynia Film Festival in Gdynia - Dorota Roqueplo ("Letters to M. 3", "City 44"), and for the make-up Ewa Kowalewska ("My daughters of a cow", "Amok", "Consent").

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Mariusz B. 6. January 2019, 20:33

Drodzy kinomaniacy, wg mnie ten film to kolejny z cyklu "o niczym". Ani dramatyczny, ani zabawny, ani zbytnio ciekawy. Zimy so zimne, a lata gorące.

Jovanna 5. January 2019, 19:59

Mam mieszane uczucia. To nie jest ładny temat. Nie rozumiem końca.

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