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Od 12 lutego kina znów otwarte !!

Od miesięcy miłośnicy X muzy nie mieli możliwości oglądania seansów w kinach. Od dnia 12 lutego kina znów mogą być otwarte

Z otwarciem się dla widzów wstrzymały się na razie multipleksy: Multikino, Cinema City oraz Helios. Otwarte są za to w większości kina studyjne !

Dzień czekolady

Directed by: Jacek Piotr Bławut

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Movie poster Dzień czekolady
Original title: Dzień czekolady
Runtime: 80 min.
Production: Polska , 2018
Category: adventure / family
Release Date: 31 May 2019
Distribution: Mówi Serwis

Directed by: Jacek Piotr Bławut
Cast: Julia Odzimek, Leo Stubbs, Dawid Ogrodnik

"Chocolate Day" is a delightful screening of the full magic of the book, which tells the story of the adventures of Monika and Dawid. The two extraordinary heroes will combine not only friendship, but also a common secret. They will discover the world in which the Monday eaters, Tuesdays and subsequent days of the week live.

Will they make their dream come true and turn back time? Get to know the secret of the old clock with them and wake up the crazy Skoczek of Time, who asks for payment in chocolate for help. Perhaps you will also find out who the mysterious cat David takes in and why Monika walks in the Hawaiian hula skirt. And if you have courage ... do not close your eyes and face the evil witch stealing from their precious memories!

"Chocolate Day" is a tale of longing, love and imagination so powerful that the impossible becomes possible, changing the lives of all heroes forever.

The film was made on the basis of Anna Onichimowska's award-winning book of the same title. There are, among others, Dawid Ogrodnik, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Magdalena Cielecka, Tomasz Kot, Marek Bukowski and Witold Dębicki.

Average rate: 2.0
rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0
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Czesław 3. June 2019, 14:53

A myślałem, że to Roguc z tym wąsikiem;D

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