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Chef Flynn

Directed by: Cameron Yates

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Movie poster Chef Flynn
Original title: Chef Flynn
Runtime: 83 min.
Production: USA , 2018
Category: documentary
Release Date: 9 November 2018

Directed by: Cameron Yates
Cast: Flynn McGarry, Meg McGarry, Paris McGarry

As a twelve-year-old, he opened a dinner club at his own home, which could have envied many restaurants with ambitions. As a sixteen-year-old genius chef, he found himself on the cover of The New York Times. At the age of nineteen, he opened his own restaurant in New York. His specialty, Beet Wellington (wrapped in additives and puff pastry beetroot, variation on the famous Wellington with beef), is known to foodies around the world. Yes - in a nutshell - is the career of Flynn Mc Gary, the wonderful child of the culinary world, the hero of Cameron Yates' documentary. It would probably be a classic story about fulfilled - not without effort! - an American dream, were it not for the intriguing character of the mother of Chef Flynn, Meg, who made the rich home archives available to her creators (she is the director herself and filmed the son from his birth) and who flies across the screen like Flynn's shadow. It is thanks to her that the captivating movie of Yates gains the aftertaste of a thrilling psychological thriller, making us wonder who is really directing here.
So it is equally a thing about self-conscious talent and passion, as well as about parenthood and complicated family relationships. The whole is perfectly packed with the threads of education (as
would children grow if they let them do what they really want?), unbelievably
competitive restaurant business (the rapid success of the young chef is not in the taste of many bosses), the cost of a spectacular career (Flynn perfectionist from an early age is under enormous pressure) and the media that an anaesthetically anoint, what are poking their stars.
"Chef Flynn" serves a very varied menu that will satisfy the appetites of cooking enthusiasts, young people looking for their place, as well as their teachers and parents.

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