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A Dog's Journey

Directed by: Gail Mancuso

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Movie poster Był sobie pies 2
Original title: A Dog's Journey
Runtime: 109 min.
Production: USA/Hong Kong/Indie/Chiny , 2019
Release Date: 4 October 2019
Distribution: Monolith

Directed by: Gail Mancuso
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Marg Helgenberger, Betty Gilpin

Marcin Dorociński again lends his voice to the most beloved and barked dog in the history of cinema!

The sequel to a blockbuster that has delighted almost 650,000 viewers of all ages in Poland!

The director of the most famous TV series in the history of television presents not only the funniest, but the most touching and unpredictable film of the year for viewers of all ages.

All dogs know perfectly well that life only makes sense with your beloved master. But sometimes you have to run quite well to keep up with them. Bailey gets a new goal from his beloved Ethan: to look after his granddaughter - CJ. As long as the girl is small, the task is quite simple, although sometimes you need to protect her with her own body from a frisky horse. Over time, CJ grows up and challenges for Bailey also get bigger, the more that the girl goes with her mother to a big city and loses contact with her grandparents. Fortunately, Bailey has lived through many lives and learned a lot about people. This time he will have to help his beloved lady find true love, make dreams come true and, above all, reconcile a quarrelsome family. Sometimes he will have to leave to come back again in a new life, sometimes even as a bitch. Because one thing knows for sure: life is so sick that it's always worth sticking together.

Average rate: 7.0
rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0 rating 7.0
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Marzena 12. December 2019, 12:55

Wspaniały, wzruszający, przepiękny i mądry. Uważam,że jeszcze większa dawka emocji niż w pierwszej części, Polecam całym rodzinom, bo warto się uwrażliwic. MEGA piękny.

Leon 21. November 2019, 18:25

Polecam 8/10 film przyjemny, dla dzieci oraz całych rodzin, wzruszający z fajną historią.

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