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Los Bando

Directed by: Christian Lo

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Movie poster Mamy talent!
Original title: Los Bando
Runtime: 94 min.
Production: Norwegia/Szwecja , 2018
Category: adventure / comedy / family / music
Release Date: 26 April 2019
Distribution: Vivarto

Directed by: Christian Lo
Cast: Tage Johansen Hogness, Jakob Dyrud, Jonas Hoff Oftebro

Two best friends, Grim and Axel, have always dreamed of taking part in the largest Scandinavian rock festival. Together they play in a band - Los Bando, but they lack a bass player, and Axel, the vocalist and guitarist, can not sing, because his voice is fatal, which Grim has no heart to tell him. When they are invited to participate in the Festival, they must quickly find a solution. They carry out the interrogation, but they are not lucky to find the right member of the band. Their bassist is the nine-year-old Thildie, who plays the cello.

The driver who is to bring them to the festival is to be Martin - known for his rally talent, but the boys do not know that he has no driving license.

The band embarks on a wild journey through Norway. Pursued by parents and the police, they have less and less time to make it to the festival and fulfill their musical dreams.

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